Latest Update From Alan Rowe

March 3, 2021
Dear NCC family,

It was a year ago today, March 3rd when we last rehearsed and it will likely be close to another year before we resume “Considering Matthew Shepherd”.

And it goes without saying that I have greatly missed the singing and comradery of you all but continue to be hopeful that we will once again blend our voices in the fall. To that end, I’ve been spending time compiling an eclectic list of seasonal material knowing that if we are able to perform next December, it will be a glorious and an emotional celebration.

Given the relaxed AOE guidelines, last night I had my first indoor Hilltones rehearsal since last March. Even though only half the group was allowed to gather, all muffled by our KN95s and spaced 6 feet, it brought me tremendous joy along with the hope that we will get through this. Looking ahead to NCC in the fall, I will be exploring with the board ways we can make all feel comfortable when we return, perhaps with sectionals or two ensembles. All this is given that both the state and the school allow groups like ours to resume.

I look forward to seeing all of you in the near future!

Keep singing and keep the faith!

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