Why Support the Chorus

Why do we ask for financial suppport for the chorus? The simple answer is that without outside support we would be unable to present the performances that we work so hard to offer, and that we want our community to be able to experience and enjoy. Read more about how and why we ask for your financial support, and when you are ready visit our Donations Page to contribute what you can!

Where does our financial support come from?

1. Membership

North Country Chorus is a membership-based corporation, so membership is required in order to participate in chorus activities, i.e. singing. The membership fee is currently $40 for adults, $20 for students, for the fiscal year (Sep-Aug). Fees are intentionally kept affordable, as the geographic area we draw singers from is not wealthy.

2. Annual appeal

Our main source of donations is from our annual appeal, which is conducted after the budget acceptance at the annual meeting in October. Donations from the appeal are generally listed in two of our concert programs. We list all those who have donated in the twelve months previous to the cut-off date of the program printing.

3. Ticket sales

The chorus works hard to keep ticket prices affordable by seeking alternate sources of funding. The music we sing often requires paid soloists and instrumentalists. Our ticket sales do not cover the expenses of the concert performances. We are a proud presenting partner with Catamount Arts - tickets to our concerts are available through their website, as well as being sold at the door.

4. Program Ads

NCC typically reaches 300 to 600 singers and audience members in two or three communities per season. Ads are included in both the fall and spring concert seasons. Please enjoy reading these ads in our concert programs and support those community businesses.

5. Sponsorship

We encourage local organizations to consider supporting our community group by becoming a sponsor

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